Google Ads

You can easily set up a Google ads account but it’s more difficult to get profits without an expert. ​Frank Digital team has managed around £2m budget and get profits for over £5m. Contact the team now to scale up your business.

Account Audit

If you or somebody else manage your Google ads account, Frank Digital will audit the account to drawn an initial proposal (free of charge)

Campaign Set-up

After auditing the account, the team will create the perfect structure for your campaign to succeed online.

Ad Copies optimization

Frank Digital will build ad copies based on keywords and benefits, to outrank the competition and reach the top of the page

Keywords optimization

Frank Digital will find the best keywords for you and your business. The process will be ongoing, only the most profitable keywords will be part of your campaign

Campaign Optimisation

Every week, Francesco and Frank Digital team will constantly optimise the campaign for the best results

Three months review

Every 3 months, Frank Digital will set up KPI and we will review the performance with the client

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Google Ads Work?

Google offers an online advertising platform through which your website can get relevant traffic when people search for the kind of products or services your business is offering. Google Ads operates under a pay-per-click model. Marketers bid on specific keywords on Google, vying for ad space with others also targeting the exact keywords. You can also set a specific daily budget for your digital ad campaign with Google. 

How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

The cost of running a PPC campaign depends on several factors. These include your industry, business niche, competition, keywords, campaign quality, account settings, and many more. But one thing that we can say for sure is that it works for all types of business. Google Ads provides ample flexibility so you can get a high-quality ad campaign that suits your budget. 

Do Google Ads Work?

Yes, it is a cost-effective advertisement model that ensures a targeted audience and better ROI for all sizes of businesses. Google Ads offers cost-saving options that you can tailor as per your needs. Google Ads combined with a robust SEO strategy would definitely generate more clicks from Google search. 

How To Use Google Ads?

Everyone with a Google account can access Google Ads. However, running a Google Ads campaign requires considerable time and effort. Hiring a PPC agency is favourable to achieving desired results. A team of professional PPC experts could successfully plan and execute a PPC campaign, and review and improve its performance every step of the way. 

Why Choose Frank Digital For Your Google Ads?

While Google Ads is the most profitable digital advertisement model, it’s also significantly complex and time-intensive. Frank digital’s PPC management experience makes us a reliable partner for running your Google Ads campaign. Our PPC specialists have the right skills and competence to manage intricate PPC campaigns and assure you a higher chance for success.

Leapfrog Your Competition

Frank Digital will audit your website and come up with the perfect strategy to achieve high ROI for your digital marketing.

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